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Description about Library

Government PG College Library is one of the oldest Govt degree college libraries in Ambala. It spreads in an area of 1500 sq ft. The collection includes more than 27500 books, reference books and has subscription to 4 journals, 7 newspapers and 5 magazines. The collection of books includes a wide range of subjects from English literature, pure sciences, commerce, history and social sciences, languages etc. The library is automated, and has a spacious reading hall and reference section with four air conditioners. The reading area can accommodate 60 users at any point of time. The library is fully automated with integrated library management software SOUL 2.0 (Software for University Libraries) of INFLIBNET since 2005. The Books are classified according to Dewey decimal classification. OPAC (Online public access catalogue) service is also provided where the users can search the collection of books by title, author, publisher etc. The books are being bar coded and the users are given unique barcode ID. Apart from the printed books the library is having access to e- resources such as N-LIST databases and British Council, where the users can access, browse and download e books, e journals etc. For Enhancing security closed circuit cameras have been installed.