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A Academic: Regular tests and assignments would be held, to encourage academic activity.

B Human Resource: Proposal of Seminar already sent to the Dept under faculty development Programme. The faculty will attend Seminar/Workshop/Refresher courses etc during the year. Staff will organize extension lectures/workshop etc and also deputed to deliver extension lectures

C Cultural: Talent Search competition, Youth Festival and Inter College competitions will be held.

D. Construction: The College proposes to take up the already sent proposal for the construction of four storyed building of library block in the college. The rough cost estimate amounting to Rs. 275.55 Lacs along with approved drawings is lying with the head office.

The College also proposes to re-allocate the work of Development of College land (change of work) into Basket ball court. Badminton court, Cricket Pitch, Short particular & Discuss throw and leveling of rest of the land out of the already sanctioned govt. grant (Rs. 40.04 Lac) for concrete parking and footpaths in the College campus. The College has written the local PWD office for the revised rough cost estimate and it is still awaited.

Proposal has been sent the local PWD for preparing a rough cost estimate for furnishing (such as providing sound proofing, Audio/video facility, fixing of motorized curtains and air conditioning) of newly constructed Multipurpose Hall in the College.