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WE ARE A+ CERTIFIED FOR PRAYAAS (Click to view Certificate)

The Department of Higher Education, Haryana is committed towards improving the overall performance of the Higher Education Institutes of the state and bring in a culture of excellence in the present set of activities. Accordingly department has been working to design a framework viz., “Performance Rating Yardstick for Academic Audit Standards (PRaYAAS) – A framework for Quality Improvement in Higher Education Institutes” for facilitating strict and continuous monitoring of the performance of Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) in the state to improve the overall quality and enable them towards the path of excellence. Department has successfully designed PRaYAAS framework which has three component covering all a) State/Private Universities b) Government, aided and c) self-financing colleges of the state. In the first phase department has decided to roll out this framework for the government colleges.

This framework now has various parameters under 10 following components with total weightage of 500:

Academic quality ( 30 Marks )
Teaching and learning quality (95 marks )
Research Quality and Impact ( 25 Marks )
Collaboration/Strategic Alliances ( 10 marks )
Employability ( 80 Marks )
Infrastructure ( 135 Marks )
Inclusivity, Representation and Diversity ( 20 Marks )
Student Engagement/ Support Services ( 40 Marks )
Outreach activities and Social Impact ( 30 Marks )
Governance and Management ( 35 marks )
PRaYAAS will endeavor to identify gaps and challenges which are being faced by institutes. This will further assist department in formulating policies to provide recognition and support to leading institutes and improve performance of laggard institutes and to help colleges in getting/improving NAAC accreditation and to participate in various ratings. The overall objective of this framework is to encourage healthy competition and ensure a rewarding experience for Higher Education students.